How to ride a bicycle on snow?

For the past seven or eight winters I have been cycling in Novi Sad. Why haven't I done it before? Reasons for this are more or less the same as with other people, chiefly because of prejudice and other people viewpoints. Behind all of this, a simple fact stands: until then, I never thought of actually trying it. After my tryout the only question left was: “Why have I not done this before?” Here are a few tips and tricks for those who are dipping their toes in this way of transport:

Where do you want safe parkings? Bike friendly - phase 2

A few months ago, Novi Sad Cycling Initiative has launched a project "Bike friendly" at the Academy of sustainability program provided by Trag Foundation, a move inspired by dissatisfaction with the lack of adequate parking for bicycles in the city. With this project NSBI aims to raise the awareness of the community, to influence citizens to use bicycles more often as a means of transportation and to encourage entrepreneurs to participate actively in the community development. The specific objectives of the project are to increase the number of bicycle parking in Novi Sad and present locations with adequate parking spaces to the cyclists of Novi Sad.

500 cyclists for a good atmosphere

Around 500 cyclists marked the sunset on Friday, 25th July in Novi Sad. A long column of cyclists, which usually occupies a single lane of traffic, rode about 13 kilometers on a hot sumer day with ending in Limanski park.

Critical mass was marked by an unusually large number of parents with children, some of whom were able to attend Critical mass ride for the first time, after two years of "watching". Service crew of Invicta Bikeshop had this time several interventions on bicycles during the ride.

Bici moda startup

Novi Sad Cycling Initiative with the support of the City administration for sports and youth, the Youth Office in Novi Sad will implement a project called "Cycle culture" which aims to increase support for youth creativity on a bicycle theme.

The project will be implemented under the Local youth action plan in the field of "Youth culture". During this project we will gather a group of young people who are dealing with photography, textile design, sculpture, jewelry design, painting and video recording in order to start a brand bicycle mode in Novi Sad.

During August, under the supervision of a fashion mentor participants in the project will create clothing and jewelry, paint on urban cycling, prepare workshops and photograps and cameramen will accompany the steps in these activities.

Novi Sad Cycling Initiative got accepted into ECF

At the annual meeting of European cyclists’ federation (ECF) held on the 26th of April, 2014. Novi Sad Cycling Initiative got accepted with a full membership at the organization. ECF is organization that was founded in 1983. which brings together over 80 cycling organizations from all different parts of Europe. The organization’s goal is to improve cycling status in Europe, and to promote individual and social benefits that this type of transport has provided. Some of the activities carried out by the ECF in order to accomplish these tasks include: conducting research in the field of traffic (cycling), protecting the environment and traffic safety; active support to the organization’s that are members in the ECF in there national and international projects; exchanging positive practice, useful information, advice and expertise.

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